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Konnect Konstantly

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Remember the “Six Degrees of Separation” game? It called us a “Human Web.” One step away from each person we know and two steps away from the people they know and at most six steps away from everyone on Earth. To win the game you tried to connect in the fewest steps possible.

How quaint. Who needs six degrees in the age of social media? Connections are only a click away. Today, you need only two degrees. Maybe three. But are these really “Connections” with a capital “C” or as K2 calls them Konnections?

Sure, social media and blogs give us instant platforms. The most important and mundane information is often available in seconds. We can get news, opinions, and answers to any question in less time it takes to Google.

We have instant one-to-one access to each other. But how deep are those relationships? Truth is, social media brings us closer together but also drives us further apart. We reveal everything without ever really speaking. We talk at each other much more than we talk with each other. We comment more than we communicate. All in 140 characters or less.

Of course, social media is an essential tool, especially for us in the business of communications. But social media cannot replace the human touch. It cannot be our only form of communication.

That’s why everyone at K2 knows we must “Konnect Konstantly.” Not just through social media or email but by writing notes and making calls and having meetings and attending events. It’s important to know how someone wants to be contacted but why not try the phone sometimes or make a coffee date? A little human touch in our relationships is essential!

So how deep do your Konnections go? Hugs or “I wouldn’t know them if I bumped into them on the street?” “Followers” and “friends” are just names on a mailing list. The rise of social media and the fall of degrees of separation have placed a premium on the QUALITY of our Konnections, not just the number.

Real Konnections lay the foundation for future deals. Real Konnections get your next pitch listened to immediately while everyone else waits for a reply.

I really do think people who grew up without social media, playing “Six Degrees,” have a real advantage. We started forming relationships before texting and Blackberrys destroyed all eye contact. We may communicate using social media but our Konnections go beyond it.