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BEHIND THE SCENES: Lessons in Dreaming Big, Perseverance, and the Power of Konnections Part II: Perseverance

Missed Part I? Click here. In the years following my first “Unleash the Power Within” (UPW) Program with Tony Robbins in 1996, I met and grew close with Tony and his wife, Sage. I wasn’t his publicist, but our friendship and his authenticity made me believe that EVERYONE who did not know him should know […]

BEHIND THE SCENES: Lessons in Dreaming Big, Perseverance, and the Power of Konnections Part I: Dreaming Big

Oprah’s Tweetpic: “Me! Fire-walking! Last night!” Yes, that is Oprah Winfrey walking on hot coals – the camera catching her surprise, delight, and wonder as she puts aside any fear and dashes across the red-hot embers. By her side is Tony Robbins who 12 hours earlier had welcomed Oprah as a surprise guest at his […]


It’s taken me a few weeks since I sat in the United Center for Oprah’s last shows to post this. I needed the time to reflect on what this end of an era would feel like for me and for K2. And the answer is: I feel grateful. Brava Ms. Winfrey! You are the greatest […]

Behind The Scenes: Back To Work & Down To Business

I’m baaaack! Back in the office, back in the groove, cooking and booking, and loving every moment. I may have just celebrated Mother’s Day for the first time, but I’m on my second decade as a professional “mom” and I really missed my first “baby.” I was just sitting and thinking in my office the other […]

Behind The Scenes – The Baby Before My Baby

Now that I have given birth I STILL believe what I only thought before: Anyone who has not given birth and wants to know what a labor is like should try PR. Especially putting together one of those BIG hits or media events with a celebrity tie-in that means everything to your client. One of […]

Behind The Scenes – My Babies

In theory I am taking some time for “maternity leave.” But as a small business owner in an ultra-wired connected world, “leave” is a relative term. Caden has much of my attention, but he sleeps. A lot. My professional baby never can. So I check in. Stay on top of big issues. Stay in touch […]

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