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Our clients typically share their wish for deeper engagement with their targets, a need to launch their newest ideas, or something along those lines.

But once we dig deeper, they realize that what they really want is to motivate, inspire, persuade, inform and entertain – all so they can sell more to more people more often.

We bring value to our relationships by taking a holistic approach to learning and understanding your business. Then, by immersing ourselves in all aspects of your brand, we bring you intelligent business solutions that add value and increase ROI. We act as a seamless extension of your marketing department amplifying your message to the media and the marketplace.

Public relations today is a different animal than it was even just a few short years ago. Strategic public relations is as crucial of a component as any other within your marketing arsenal. With the ubiquitous nature of information delivered today, one’s ability to cut through the clutter and deliver the proper message, to the proper audience at the speed of business, can be the difference between success and failure.

We identify the difference that makes the difference and turn up the volume grabbing the ear of the media sharing your message through the noise to reach the masses. Here’s how it’s done:



We begin with a meeting to set up and dial deep into your business, your challenges, your goals, and your dreams.

We ask tons of questions and really get to know your brand, your vision, and your mission.

Current assumptions are challenged and success metrics are agreed upon.



The collective brainpower of our clients and our senior agency team merge to finalize the plan that has the best potential for a “return on ideas”.

This becomes our collective blueprint for success.

And, we capture it all so you can maintain an overview of activity and we can collectively measure progress and course correct as needed.



We uncover the most telling statistics and merge them with compelling insight to develop strategy that inspires the smartest and most innovative creative possible.

It sounds serious, but it’s honestly fun.

We synthesize a variety of disciplines moving and creating in unison, from strategy to execution. It’s the most efficient way to get results.



We have the ear of the media.

Sitting in the heart of New York City where the media lives, we’re a cab ride away from your next big placement.

Here’s where the fun really grows. We amplify your most critical messages to the world and you get your business outcomes.



Unfortunately, we can’t work with every client that comes to us.
It’s not every day you find the right fit.

We take our clients’ business very personally. It started the day K2’s founder left ABC News. That same day Barbara Walters told her to always believe in what she was doing and to keep her integrity at all costs. We ultimately pick our clients as much as they pick us. We know that for a partnership to work there has to be a certain level of trust.

And trust takes time to build, especially when you first meet.

If you want partners aligned with your passion that possess an unwavering commitment to go above and beyond with the creativity and experience to achieve the desired results we have you covered.

Click on the categories below to see some examples of clients that have entrusted us with taking their public relations and brands to the next level.




Meet Some Of Our Team   

To know us is to love us. So, we’re hoping you’ll give us a chance to win your heart. Like every great relationship, it starts with a connection and evolves into a true partnership.


We Want You!

Ultimately clients choose K2 for one reason – our team.

Our firm was founded with the understanding that great work is done by great people in an environment built on integrity and solid core values. We love nothing more than seeing our team members succeed, fulfill their potential, and achieve their personal and professional goals.

We support the notion that at all levels our team deserves the opportunity to get to it, to dig in, get their feet wet, and have the chance to grow and drive real results. We strongly believe in continued learning. Not only do we believe in it, but we fund it for every employee.

Our team feels that K2 is their home away from home. We embrace the reality that to succeed today everyone needs a certain amount of work/life balance and K2 makes that a must for our employees. At K2 you’ll enjoy Summer Fridays where you get outside early when the weather is great. We’ve also built a number of flexible schedule opportunities within our team that empower our staff to get the most out of working with us while balancing life commitments.

K2 offers great benefits, competitive salaries, tremendous growth opportunities and lots of room for fun!

Our staff enjoys great quality medical and dental benefits as well as a matched self-directed 401(k) plan without vesting, transportation assistance benefits, flexible spending, generous paid personal and vacation leave, and more.

On a monthly basis, our company’s “Fun Committee” plans events allowing us to bond with one another on a personal level. We do things like relax at company picnics, sweat together in yoga classes, get competitive at our guacamole contests, enjoy good eats at pot luck lunches, go spinning, indulge in happy hour and much more.

If you are a PR and branding professional or someone looking to learn from a hands on internship and want to work with some of the world’s leading experts, brands and entertainers, please send your resume and salary requirements to the link below.

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